You’ve picked the perfect planters. Round, concrete pots for a sleek and versatile look. Sculptural and angular for a modern look. Or Terracotta or an earthy, natural look. But now what? What plants will last in Lousiana humidity and heat and how should you arrange them?

It can be intimidating when it comes to designing your planter. But remember this simple set of rhyming words – thriller, filler, and spiller. If you group plants into these three basic categories it makes styling a breeze. 


The thriller is the big, beautiful focal point of your planter. The statement piece, if you will. This is the largest and fullest plant that will take up the center portion of the planter. (If the planter will be seen from all sides the thriller goes in the middle, if it will only be seen from the front, the thriller goes in the back.

The best thrillers that thrive in the south are: Caladiums, Citrus, Cordylines, Hibiscus, Mandevillas, Ornamental grasses, Snapdragons, Spikes, Sunpatiens, and smaller trees and herbs


Fillers are mid-sized and enhance the thriller. They fill in the space around the thriller. You can choose just one filler or go for two or three different plants (depending on the size of the planter and the vibe you’re going for). 

We love: Angelonia, Basil, Begonias, Caladiums, Marigolds, New Guinea Impatiens, Petunias, and Vinca


The spillers are the plants that cascade over the edge of the planter. 


You can choose between Asyllum, Bacopa, Creeping Jenny, Jasmine, Ivy, Licorice Plant, Silver Falls Dichondra, Sweet Potato Vine, Thyme, and Trailing Vinca. 


how to style your planter

When you style your planter, think about it the same way you style a room. Look for a contrast in color and a combination of textures. Have fun, be creative and let mother nature shine.

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